Frequently Asked Questions about PDF Unlocker Tool


Q1. What is PDF Unlocker software?

A: PDF Unlocker is a handy application used to unlock or decrypt password-protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files with password restrictions. It can easily remove PDF owner passwords along with all the restrictions that protect the PDF file from printing, copying, editing and extracting. You can also use it to permanently remove PDF open/user passwords, provided you have the correct passwords.

Q2. Can I decrypt PDF files protected with a user/open password with this tool?

A: Yes, you can use PDF Unlocker to remove a user password from PDF files, provided you have the valid password. As soon as you import a PDF document with an open/user password, the program will ask you to input the correct password to decrypt it first. After inputing the password, click the “Convert” button to remove password restrictions from the file.    

Q3. Can I remove DRM protection from my PDF documents with this program?    

A: We’re sorry, but you cannot use our PDF Unlocker tool to remove DRM or any other third-party protection from your PDF documents. You’re also not permitted to use this program to steal someone’s copyrighted material or for any type of activity that violates copyrights.

Q4. What is the functional difference between trial and full version of this program?

A: The free trial of PDF Unlocker is fully functional and identical to the full version of the software. However, free evaluation version allows you to unlock first 5 pages (Windows version) of your secured PDF file or it will leave a watermark (Mac version) in the output PDF file.

Q5. What OS does PDF Unlocker software support?

A: PDF Unlocker works perfectly with both Windows (Windows XP/Vista/7) and Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8).

Q6. Do I need any other third-party application to unlock a PDF file with this tool?

A: No. PDF Unlocker is a completely stand-alone program that does not require any third-party application, such as Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to unlock PDF files or to remove PDF passwords.

Q7. What type of PDF files does PDF Unlocker support?

A: PDF Unlocker supports PDF documents encrypted with all versions of Adobe Acrobat (including Adobe Acrobat X) using various RC4 and AES security methods.

Q8. How long does it take to remove PDF passwords and restrictions?

A: This easy-to-use PDF Unlocker tool removes PDF passwords along with all restrictions in seconds, no matter how long and complex the file may be.

Q9. Is it safe to remove PDF password restrictions with this tool?

A: Yes. PDF Unlocker offers a completely secure way to remove password restrictions from a PDF file. There will be no data loss during the password removal process.

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