Introduction: PDF Editor/Creator for Mac

We have all been there: stuck with a PDF that we desperately need to edit, but there is absolutely no way to do it. The more we look at the PDF we more we realise that it has to be changed, but there does not seem to be any way of doing that whilst keeping the PDF to an industry standard. It can be incredibly frustrating to be unable to edit a PDF, especially when there are other programs such as MS Word that are so easy to change and edit. This is even more irritating when you are using a Mac, because you would think that the Mac would automatically have the amazing ability to be able to shape a PDF exactly how you would like it. In-built app called Preview is there but it offers limited features to edit a PDF on a Mac. But even though our computers do not seem to allow us to do this instantly, there is an incredible program that will now allow you to do exactly that. See how it works!


easily edit PDF files on Mac


Why should I get this program?

PDFs are the files of the future. They are the standard file type in many industries, and this means that many of them will not even consider accepting a file from you unless it is in the PDF format. However, this can be incredibly troubling when you have to make a slight change to a PDF document. Many people will think that they have to start all over again with creating the new PDF, but with the PDF Editor (PDFelement) for Mac, that is simply not the case.

All you will need to do is to download the program, and suddenly a world of opportunities will open up to you. Many of the things that you have always wanted to do with your PDF files will now become possible. There is a wealth of different options that the PDF Editor for Mac contains, and many of them could be things that you had not even realised was possible to do with a PDF. You will soon find that the file type you use the most naturally will be PDFs.

The PDF Editor (PDFelement) for Mac is a new wave of program: one that seeks to help the user, rather than force the user to learn complicated rules and strange methods to get what they want. Instead, the PDF Editor for Mac uses what you already have – a Mac, and a PDF. It really is that simple.

download free trial of PDF Editor for Mac

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What key features are there?

There are so many amazing features of the PDF Editor (PDFelement) for Mac that it was difficult to narrow them down, but here are our top seven favourites:

  • The ability to edit a PDF, which is a miracle all by itself!
  • Lets you create PDF's from text (.rtf, .rtfd, .txt), images (.png, .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .bmp) and web pages.
  • Conversion option to change the PDF file to other formats like Word.
  • Does not require Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.
  • You can annotate your PDF, and send those annotations to anyone else.
  • Merge two PDFs together, or split one PDF into several.
  • Password protect your PDFs so that no one can access them without a valid password.
  • Fill out a PDF form and remove watermark from a PDF.

There are many other features of the PDF Editor for Mac that makes it the number one program to use for editing PDFs. If you deal with PDF documents frequently, you will be surprised at how often you go back to the PDF Editor for Mac program again and again.

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